How to Practice Nudism? 

Nudism, also known as naturism, involves a lifestyle of nudity at home and in public, and is all about getting in touch with your body and respecting yourself as well as the other people in your community. Contrary to what some people think, it’s more about freedom than sexuality, and it can be a very liberating and rewarding movement to align yourself with. If you’re interested in the nudist movement and would like to know how to put your ideas into practice, then see Step 1 to be on your way.


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  1. Know that nudism can help you get closer to nature. There’s a reason why some nudists prefer to be called naturists. Nudism is all about returning to your natural state and being in harmony with nature. Being nude while you’re on a beach, in the woods, or in a natural setting can help you experience nature on a whole new level. One of the greatest and most freeing parts of nudism can be the feeling of waves or sun against your nude body.
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    2. Know that being nude doesn’t mean being sexual. Of course, it’s natural for many people to think that something untoward should happen when a bunch of people get together without any clothes on. However, most people who follow the nudist movement don’t think there’s anything inherently sexual in taking off their clothes. They just think it helps them be free and to return to their natural states, and that’s all that matters to them.

    • Being naked isn’t inherently erotic for nudists. They get used to seeing a nude body without thinking sexual thoughts.
    • Also, you shouldn’t think that you have to have a perfect body or to look super sexy to be a nudist. Nudists have bodies of all shapes and sizes.
    • Though it may take some convincing to show your friends and family members that getting naked doesn’t have to mean getting frisky, this is the lifestyle that many people choose.
    • There are, however, some sects of nudism that are more sexual in nature. Make sure you do your research into the nudists in your particular community to see which lifestyle fits your needs.
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    • 3. Know that nudism can help you feel free. Being a nudist can help you return to your childhood self, to remember the person you were before you cared about putting your clothes on and ran around naked and happy. It’s a very liberating feeling. Nudism can help you return to that pure and un-self-conscious version of yourself and can help you feel happy and free in a friendly environment.

      • Think of how complicated our lives have become. Having to choose clothes, jewelry, footwear, and so many other items only makes it harder to be our natural selves.
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    4. Know that most nudists aren’t naked all the time. You may have an idea of nudists as people who are naked at the grocery store, movie theatre, or who show up to family barbecues in the buff. However, many nudists actually hold regular jobs and are clothed during their time out in the general public, even if they are always looking for opportunities to shed their clothes in a safe environment.

    • Committing to being a nudist doesn’t mean throwing out all of your clothes. It means embracing the opportunity to be nude when you can.