How to Practice Nudism? …… Final Part

Part 4……Practicing Nudism Outside Your Home

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1. Join a nudist community. If you’re really interested in becoming a nudist, then you can join a community of people who are also interested in maintaining their rights to be nude and to practice nudism safely. If you’re in the USA or Canada, you can join TNS (The Naturist Society), AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation), or FCN (Federation of Canadian Naturists) for example. Most countries have a national nudist or naturist organization. A Google search will find them for you. These organizations will help you find health clubs, private residences, beaches, or other locations where you can safely practice nudism.

  • Joining the community will also make you feel less isolated about your beliefs and will help you meet more like-minded people.
  • Though most nudists are focused on being free and communing with nature, there aresome communities that do encourage nudism for sexual reasons. If this is not for you, be very careful in your research.
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2. Find a nudist beach or resort. You don’t have to be a card-carrying member of a nudist colony to find a nudist beach or a nudist resort in your area. If you can just find a place that fits your ideas of accepting yourself and respecting your own individuality, then you’ll be set in finding more places to practice nudism and to meet more like-minded people.

  • If you practice nudism with your family, make sure that family members of all ages are welcome in the nudist beach or resort area.
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3. Take a nudist vacation. In recent years, the “nakation” has become more popular than ever. A lot of people aren’t necessarily comfortable with being naked in the place where they live, though they love the idea of going to an entirely new country or city to practice nudism. You can branch out of your comfort zone by finding resorts that are “nude only” and spending a week enjoying the nudist lifestyle.

  • You can check out ordinary vacation websites and search for “nudist spa vacations” to find a resort that is perfect for you, or you can use specialty websites that can help you find the perfect nudist destination.
  • Some people are opposed to practicing nudism in public in a place near their home because they’re afraid of running into someone they know. If you’re hundreds of miles from home, this worry will melt away!
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4. Find opportunities to be nude outside. Though you should make sure that you don’t offend an unsuspecting hiker or neighbor with your nudism, if you can find some quiet and secluded spots to be nude in public, this can help you practice your nudism. This can involve skinny-dipping in an isolated lake, camping in a remote location and practicing nudism there (if it’s allowed), or practicing your nudism in a remote farmhouse or another secluded location.

  • Just make sure that you don’t break any legal rules in your country or state. Though it’s not illegal to be nude in a public place, practicing nudism is illegal in states such as Arkansas or countries like Iran.

Community Q&A

  • How do nudists deal with going to the bathroom? Do they shower after every time they do?
    Just like when you are clothed, after using the toilet, you wipe yourself with toilet paper. Most nudists/naturists carry a towel to sit on, so they don’t sit on furniture directly. They shower before entering a pool or hot tub, to remove sweat, etc. This is just common courtesy/hygiene.
  • What are the benefits of nudism?
    The first benefit is to release yourself, your family and friends from the burden of body shaming. Most of us don’t look like movie or TV stars most of the time – in fact, neither do they. Staying lean with toned muscle mass takes a few hours a day, as models do before a shoot. Celebrate your body as you are. Join your local World Naked Bike Ride event in June this year and you will find everyone delighted at finally being free and nude. Whether in a room or on a bike, with friends, family or at the beach, when clothes are left behind, so are frowns.
  • What do you do if you’re male and you can’t stop getting an erection when nude or seeing others nude?
    Just sit down and relax. Put a towel over your erection and wait until it’s gone. Do not be ashamed about is because every man has a erection now and then. In time it’ll calm down and be easier to view nudity without being aroused.
  • Is nudism harmful for my baby?
    A baby is free from societal programming, so she or he won’t be discomfited by nudity. As noted in the article here, hygienic practices are paramount due to the baby’s vulnerability but with that caveat, the baby will grow seeing both genders uncovered, with no mystery, no programming, just freedom.
  • “Nudation” ? I’ve never ever heard that term before. Maybe you meant ‘nakation’?
    Nudation is the act of stripping, or making bare or naked. This term is mostly used in botany, for something like peeling on onion, or shucking an ear of corn. It is just as apt here, for peeling off the clothing.
  • The article mentioned not having children do things they aren’t comfortable with. Did that mean that parents and siblings should be clothed if a child decides not to be nude?
    If your child isn’t comfortable with nudity then you may have to be clothed around him. However, as it seems that the majority of the family is into nudism, try and talk with him or her and show the benefits of being nude. Explain that it is completely natural. Teaching your child to love their body may help them feel comfortable enough to participate.
  • Why are the nude people in your illustrations without nipples ?
    Websites are often leery about showing the complete nude body, including nipples. It is kind of hypocritical in an article about nudism, but people who put pictures in online articles try to keep in mind that anyone could see those pictures, which would include parents who wouldn’t want their minor child to see something like that on the internet.